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Reinvent your life! Magical act that directly changes your reality.

Artistic principles important for creation of a great theatre (contemporary theatre performance) are transferred to your real life. What if you are your ultimate performance? How do you create yourself and your life when you approach it from the role of director and the actor in the same time? The whole life becomes the stage (well, it already is, isn’t it?) and this kind of program dramatically changes our own narratives and way we look at life and life phenomena. It leads to increased freedom, joy, and creative capacities to design our lives and it brings play and touch of magic to our everyday activities and encounters.

Program lasts 12 weeks (3 months). Monthly program includes:

1. 4 theatre workshops on specific topic

2. Online community group, weekly magazine and video lesson Impro for Life that follows every week

3. Weekly theatre tasks for real life that follow the topic of the week

4. Magical Book of Change – noting all changes that are happening in our lives.


  1. Power of Yes – impro theatre and the flow
  2. Power of Transformation – character role play, dress for the part
  3. Power of Darkness – heaviness (depth) on the stage, our sorrow and anger and focusing of energy
  4. Power of Lightness – quality of easy move, laugh, stay a little bit longer.
  5. Power of Beauty – our crazy ideas, movies, inspiration
  6. Power of Poetry – rhythm, talk, singing 
  7. Power of Synchronicity – ensemble on the stage, devising process, listening to the scene,
  8. Power of Action – voice, move, arrow
  9. Power of Non-Action – voice, move, water
  10. Personal Power – unique statues, choreography of my existence
  11. Power of the Other-Love – connection on the stage, dance
  12. Power of Humour – designing your life with touch of humour and poetry