MARIJA FARMER Theatre director, poetry writer and international consultant and trainer of programs for personal, social and organizational development.

Founder and director of the agency MARIJA FARMER & The Good Cats www.biznisteatar.rs – Creative consultancy – People and Company Culture. Development (2008-current). Developed brand of Business Theatre, using methods from theatre and performance to maximize the impact and effectiveness of the company.

Author and director of 20 theatre performances (art productions and applied theatre). Author of numerous programs and trainer for empowerment and personal, development using theatre and performance. Author and teacher of The Small Academy of Physical and Expressive Theatre, Belgrade.

Poetry writer. Published 3 books of poetry, Last Remains of Poetry (2005, LOM), Her Secret Life (2010, LOM), I hear the Drum (Marija Farmer 2016).

EDUCATION M.A. in Psychology, University of Belgrade, MAPA – Moving Academy for Performing Arts, Netherlands/Serbia, Expressive Arts Techniques – Theatre, Visual Arts and Poetry – EGS, Italy and Germany, Theatre of the Oppressed, Forum Theatre and Rainbow of Desire – Adrian Jackson, Cardboard Citizens, London; From ACT to ACTING (JAN FABRE (Troubleyn teaching method) by Cedric CHARRON, Paris Summer Academy, Paris;