Saturday May 29th 2021. 11-15h, Belgrade centre.

Pls refer to Serbian page for more details. Workshop is bilingual.

Humorous workout! How would your job look like if the genre of the job was melodrama, action movie, horror or erotica? If you would be…(dancer, plumber, grandmother…) how would you dress, move and what your advices to yourself would be? Become Buda for a while and propose to your biggest love from Buda role. Remember new age wellness messages like connect to your body and breathe and try to do the opposite, disconnect from your body and try not to breathe, let’s see how far you can go (and few more games to win the worst wellness coach award). Make the choreography with your feet only and tell us about your 3 biggest life fascinations (while you dance, obviously). Sing a protest song about hardship of your day! Let’s play.