Magical act that directly transforms our lives. Theatre action that directly molds reality.

Shamans and many other ritual and theatre practices know overlapping of ritual and reality, meaning that ACT as such even if it is done in one (imaginative) reality easily flows and molds other reality (something that we can call everyday reality). This program brings easiness and fun, use our passions as navigation, changes our fears into theatre companions and leads us to life that is more authentic, deep and fun. Every week has its own topic (for example active principle, sexual week, week when I could not say anything etc.) and string of theatre tasks that you need to integrate-perform in real life (*nobody else will know they are theatre) and small report of results, life changes that happened as a consequence of this theatre act.

Program lasts from 3 + 9 months (The Year of Creative Living).

Monthly cycle consists from 4 workshops, video lesson Impro for Life, weekly theatre tasks and noting down real life changes (Magical Book of Changes). It’s possible to join random workshops, however then there is no guarantee on sustainable change, although you will probably have lot of fun.

Start of the program is in September 2020. Dates to be announced.