5 zoom workshops

September 25th 2020 – October 23rd 2020.

Hallo modern Witches!!!

Do you operate from love?

We will explore codes of woman magic, our bodies, our creativity, our intuition and layers of reality (ies). And well…we will obviously create some magic:).

If you are interested to know more about witchcraft road please register on and join FREE INTRODUCTORY ZOOM WORKSHOP ON FRIDAY, 18th of September 2020, 20.00-20.30 CEST time.


Workshop 1, Friday 25.09.2020. 19.30 -21.00  Woman Magic and You

Seeing the world as multidimensional, working with the Force, nature and our own cycles, understanding the world between the worlds, intuitive access to what kind of a Witch you are, Shamanic dreaming (Initiation).

Workshop 2, Friday 2.10. 2020 19.30 -21.00 Love Magic

Love Ritual, Tree exercise, Sexuality, Soulmate-Earthmate and Twinflame Relationships, Putting the Best Foot Forward, Making Your Own Aphrodite Girdle.

Workshop 3, Friday 9.10.2020. 19.30-21.00 Healing Magic – Body as Expression of Our Soul

Chakra Readings, Healing Rituals in a Secret Garden, Protection – Mirror ritual.

Workshop 4, Friday 16.10.2020.  19.30 – 21.00 Abundance and Money Magic

Exercises of Prosperous Heart, Abundance Plants, Money Ritual, Feminine-Masculine Force in Abundance.

Workshop 5, Friday 23.10.2020. 19.30 – 21.00 Dreams Magic

Types of Dreams, Dreaming Journal, Dreams sharing and Guidance to Understanding, Daydream 7 rooms of Personal Power.


You will get an with instruction for preparation (some requisites you might need – it is not necessary to have them, you can always choose just to write down the ritual-exercise and do it later, however, however doing stuff together is definitely fun).

Zoom workshop 1h 30min, Friday (Venus Day) 19.30 – 21.00. You can join any workshop you like or all of them. We will do different exercises together (some talk, some intuitive guidance, some shamanic phantasy travel, some rituals, some making of the stuff).

After the workshop you will get one small recorded video lecture from me  – guidance to Woman Magic on specific topic as well as one additional exercise you might like.

In case you attend all 5 workshops you will get your WITCHCRAFT DIPLOMA.


Please register by sending an email on You will get payment instructions and the moment payment is done you will get zoom link for a workshop.

Price of one workshop (if payment is from abroad, PayPal) is 20 euro, if you pay 5 all together then you get 10% discount and price for all of them is 90 euros total.

If you are paying in Serbia, RSD, workshop price is 2000 RSD. If you pay 5 all together then you get 10% discount and price for all of them is 9000 RSD.

Workshops are in English.


I am Marija, psychologist, theatre director, poet, friend, woman. That reality is questionable in existence and that it has many visible and invisible options I have discovered in many different ways throughout my life. Doing theatre for years increased my love for any kind of rituals, since I made with people some theatre performances that were powerful, fun, touching and usually (unintentionally though) made changes in real life of people who performed them. Magical living, strong intuition, having clairvoyant dreams I listened to, playing around symbols, signs, have always been integral part of my normal, regular life. I don’t believe in manifesting of our dreams and desires like ordering the Universe a take-out and then he delivers, but I do believe both in kismet and choices, in cycles of giving and receiving, in cocreation and responsive Universe.