Whatever You Do It Is Mine

Doesn’t matter

You leave me

I leave you

Doesn’t matter

Some days are passing by

We do something else

Doesn’t matter

You are touching some other


(do you)

(it’s not the same,

it’s not the same

but you are not giving in

you can’t think of it)

I do drinks with some

Other man

He has a nice smile

And he is warm

And I think


Just maybe

His smell

Gonna cover yours

But yet

There is no way

I can imagine

Better angle

Nicer angle

For my sleeping head

Then your white

Folded arm

Come on

Lie here

Get sober

We will kiss later

I say

You say


We are naked all the time


Me and you

And I am showering

And you are sleeping

And I am surrounding you

With my legs

And I am reading

And I am waiting for you

To wake up

So we can kiss

Whatever you do

It is mine.

IF YOU READ SERBIAN, you can order poetry books:

Poslednji ostaci poezije, LOM, 2005.

Njen tajni život, LOM, 2010.

Čujem bubanj, Marija Farmer, 2016.