We are going into the world between the worlds. Intuitive coaching is working on the level of symbols, images, sensations, dreams, poetry. One part of session is my reading of your situation-question (health, love, job) and another part is your own intuitive reading of your situation using my guidance. This is getting to know our own Soul and the way she speaks since she is navigating us to something essential if we are able to her it. My intuition and clairvoyant dreams are inseparable part of my life navigation since I was a kid, part of all my life choices and contribution I gave and am giving to this world. I believe that this reality is accessible to all of us and I can help you to find the way to keep your intuition as essential part of your living.

Coaching session are open for booking. They last 1h, price is 25 eur (3000 RSD), can be online/zoom or in vivo. Book your session on